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Tuesday June 7, 2022 — California Primary Election

City of Manhattan Beach
Measure A - 2/3 Approval Required

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Election Results


4,352 votes yes (32%)

9,255 votes no (68%)

Shall a measure imposing an annual flat tax of $1,095.00 on each real property parcel within the City of Manhattan Beach, and adjusted annually for inflation, for a period of twelve years, thereby generating an estimated $11,000,000 to $13,000,000 annually for investment in education, with an oversight committee and exemptions for (1) low-income individuals and (2) seniors who use their property as a principal residence, be adopted?

What is this proposal?

Details — Official information

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Quinn M. Barrow, City Attorney

Ballot Measure A presents the voters with the option of establishing a parcel tax to provide supplemental funding for the Manhattan Beach Unified School District for twelve years.

This Measure, if adopted, would add Chapter 8.40 to the Manhattan Beach Municipal Code. The new Chapter would establish a flat rate annual parcel tax to provide supplemental funding for the Manhattan Beach School District. This tax would initially be $1,095 per year per parcel, whether the parcel is improved or unimproved, and would be adjusted for inflation each year. Collection of this tax would end after twelve years.

Parcels that are exempt from property taxes also would be exempt from the tax established by this Measure. Additionally, the City would be able to grant exemptions for parcels used as a senior citizen's principal place of residence. The City also would be able to grant exemptions for persons who are receiving Supplemental Security Income for a disability, or receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, and whose yearly income does not exceed 250% of the 2012 federal poverty guidelines.

Proceeds of the parcel tax established by this Measure would be deposited into a special fund maintained by the City and then transferred to the Manhattan Beach School District. The School District would only be allowed to use the tax proceeds for certain purposes including: academic, arts, and education programs; maintaining manageable class sizes; investing in technology, learning tools, instructional materials, and supplies; providing professional development to
teachers; and increasing staffing levels and salaries. Additionally, the City would be able to use a portion of the tax proceeds to monitor the School District's expenditures for compliance with this Measure. A City-created oversight committee would perform such monitoring and would issue annual reports to the Mayor, City Council, and School District Board of Trustees.

A "yes" vote on Measure A amends the Manhattan Beach Municipal Code to establish a twelve-year flat rate parcel tax, with annual adjustments to account for inflation, to provide supplemental funding for the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. A "no" vote would reject a new parcel tax to support the School District.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against

Arguments FOR

VOTE YES ON A to maintain and protect high-quality education in Manhattan Beach.

Manhattan Beach schools have suffered from decades of inadequate state funding. We are, in fact, among the lowest funded school districts in all of California.

To maintain and protect high-quality education for our students, we need a stable source of locally controlled funding that the State cannot take away.

That is why Manhattan Beach citizens petitioned to place this community-led initiative on the ballot as the clear solution to PROVIDE ADEQUATE FUNDING FOR OUR CLASSROOMS.

VOTING YES ON A directs vital resources to our classrooms to:
- Protect quality academic programs including math, science, reading, writing, social studies, language, technology, engineering, music, arts and physical education
- Maintain manageable class sizes
- Attract and retain high-quality teachers
- Prepare students for top colleges and 21st century jobs

VOTING YES ON A gives citizens local control over our schools by requiring:
- Every penny to stay in local classrooms and out of the hands of Sacramento
- Mandatory Independent Citizens Oversight Committee
- Annual audit and public disclosure of all spending
- Transparency and accountability around district spending of all funds

VOTING YES ON A safeguards against financial hardship for community members by including:
- Exemptions for Seniors 65+ and low-income residents

VOTING YES ON A protects our schools and property values – a wise investment benefitting the whole community regardless of whether you have school-age children:
- Strong Schools = Strong Community = Safe Neighborhoods = Strong Property Values

Manhattan Beach prioritizes high-quality education and stands behind our students, teachers and schools. Please join parents, educators and well-respected community leaders – VOTE YES ON A for Manhattan Beach schools.

Together, we can ensure strong education, safe schools and a secure future for Manhattan Beach children and our entire community.

Manhattan Beach City Councilmember, Former Mayor and 32-Year Resident

Former Manhattan Beach USD School Board Member, MBUSD Budget Advisory Committee Member and 39-Year Resident

Manhattan Beach Realtor and 23-Year Resident

Co-Founder and President of Skechers, Founder Skechers Foundation and 34-Year Resident

51-year Manhattan Beach USD Teacher, Manhattan Beach Library Commissioner and 39-Year Resident

Arguments AGAINST

We the undersigned are OPPOSED to the new parcel tax on the June 7 ballot.

The new tax:

–Begins at $1,095/year. At current rates of inflation, this tax could DOUBLE in 12 years to $2,200/year. There is no CPI cap.
–Would be the 2nd-largest parcel tax in LA County. It will be FOUR times the size of our current (fixed) rate of $225/year per parcel.
–Will be in effect for 12 years, TWICE as long as our current parcel tax of six years.
–Requires a burdensome, ANNUAL opt-out process for seniors.
–Is regressive. EVERY home and property parcel (regardless of value or size) pays the same tax.
–Raises $12 million per year with FEW limitations on how our tax dollars are spent. Tax payments will be collected in the district’s general fund.

Further, even if the tax passes, we are not confident the taxes will be spent appropriately by the current school board. A new tax does not solve the current OVERSPENDING problem of THIS school board.

We are not against a parcel tax in theory. We are against THIS parcel tax. Please vote NO on June 7.


Former Mayor Manhattan Beach


Former Principal Pacific School


Replies to Arguments AGAINST

Don't believe the misinformation. Here are the FACTS:

FACT: Senior citizens are eligible for a full exemption from the tax. Consistent with State law, seniors only need to file once and the exemption continues for the duration of the measure.

FACT: By law, Measure A funds may ONLY be used for specified purposes listed in the measure, including protecting quality academic programs, attracting/retaining high-quality teachers and maintaining manageable class sizes.

FACT: Mandatory fiscal accountability requirements – including independent citizens' oversight, annual audits and public spending disclosure – ensure funds are only spent for the purposes in the measure.

FACT: $1095 is not arbitrary, but the amount required – as defined by the State – to bring adequate per- student funding to Manhattan Beach classrooms. Over 100 California school districts utilize locally controlled parcel taxes to offset inadequate state funding, with amounts of $3,000+. Manhattan Beach citizens seek a fraction of that to keep our schools among the best and solve a decades-old State funding problem with a sustainable, local solution. Exemptions for seniors and low-income residents ensure the cost is not a burden.

FACT: Increases are capped at the rate of inflation. Per Municipal Code, standard practice is the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Claims of an uncapped rate that "could double" are untrue.

For too long Manhattan Beach schools have ranked among the lowest funded. That's why over 4,000 local residents signed petitions to put Measure A on the ballot. Strong schools mean a strong community and strong property values for

Vote Yes on A.

Mayor, 27-Year Resident

Mayor Pro Tem, Lifelong Resident

Local Business Owner of Simms Restaurant Group, private school parent

Local Small Business Owner of Pages: A Bookstore, Former President of Downtown MB Business and Professional Association, 37-Year Resident

Former MBEF President, Former MBUSD School Board Member, Co-Founder PTA Capitol Convoy, 36-Year Resident

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