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Tuesday June 7, 2022 — California Primary Election
Special District

Little Lake City School District
Measure LL - 55% Approval Required

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Election Results


2,638 votes yes (62.1%)

1,608 votes no (37.9%)

To repair aging classrooms/leaking roofs to ensure student health/safety/achievement, upgrade plumbing, electrical, gas lines, heating/ventilation, security systems, classroom technology, remove asbestos, lead paint, mold, provide safe drinking water, repair, construct/acquire classrooms, sites/equipment, shall Little Lake City School District's measure authorizing $36,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, levying 3¢/$100 assessed value ($2,000,000 annually) while bonds are outstanding, be adopted, with audits/oversight, all funds for local schools?

What is this proposal?

Details — Official information

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Rodrigo A. Castro-Silva, County Counsel

Approval of Measure LL ("Measure") would authorize the Board of Education ("Board") of the Little Lake City School District ("District") to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $36,000,000. The District placed the Measure on the ballot by Resolution No. 22-058, "Resolution of the Board of Education of the Little Lake City School District Ordering an Election, and Establishing Specifications of the Election Order, "adopted by the Board on February
22, 2022.

Proceeds from the sale of the bonds authorized by the Measure will be used only for the purposes specified in the Measure, including repairing and upgrading classrooms and school facilities; removing asbestos, mold and lead paint;
providing safe drinking water; repairing gas lines, plumbing, roofs, and electrical systems; upgrading heating and ventilation systems, and air purification systems; retrofitting classrooms and school facilities; improving emergency
communication systems; increasing accessibility for students with disabilities; upgrading classroom technology; and replacing playground equipment. A complete list of the projects and allowed expenditures is included in the full text of
the Measure. Bond proceeds may not be expended on teacher and administrator salaries and other operating expenses.

The Board will cause independent performance and financial audits to be conducted annually to ensure that bond proceeds are spent only for projects identified in the Measure. The Board will appoint an independent Citizens' Oversight Committee in compliance with Education Code section 15278 no later than 60 days after the Board enters the election results in its minutes. The District will create an account into which the bond proceeds will be deposited and will comply with the reporting requirements of Government Code section 53410.

The bonds will not exceed the maximum interest rate as allowed by law. According to the District's Tax Rate Statement, the best estimate of the average tax rate required to fund the bond issue, based on assessed valuations available when the District filed the statement, is $30 per $100,000 of assessed valuation. The final fiscal year in which the tax to be levied to fund this bond is anticipated to be fiscal year 2054-2055. The estimated total debt service, including principal and
interest, is approximately $77,000,000.

This Measure requires approval by fifty-five percent (55%) of the qualified voters voting in the election for passage.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against

Arguments FOR

Repair our Little Lake City schools, and keep them healthy and safe – vote YES on LL!

Our excellent local schools help maintain strong property values, but many of our schools were built 70 years ago. Like an old home, our schools and classrooms need maintenance, health and safety repairs including removal of toxic
substances such as asbestos and lead – vote yes on LL.

Yes on LL fixes deteriorating bathrooms, leaky roofs, cracked asphalt and aging playgrounds; upgrades air filtration, purification and security systems; improves plumbing and electrical wiring, and makes upgrades to meet current requirements for disabled student accessibility and school site earthquake safety.

Your yes on LL vote ensures all local students continue to have access to computers and instructional technology in the classroom – giving students an education with a strong foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and

By improving internet access, yes on LL supports competitive 21st century learning at each and every school.

The Measure LL Plan includes the following priorities identified by the community:
• Removes asbestos, mold, and lead paint from classrooms
• Repairs gas lines and deteriorating bathrooms
• Fixes leaky roofs, plumbing, electrical wiring, cracked asphalt and aging playgrounds
• Upgrades air filtration, purification, and security systems
• Provides safe drinking water
• Improves emergency communications systems
• Improves accessibility to students with disabilities

Measure LL is fiscally accountable:
• Creates an Independent Citizens Oversight Committee
• Includes annual audits and public disclosure of spending
• NO funds for administrators' salaries or benefits
• By law, ALL Measure LL funds are required to be used for OUR schools -- Measure LL money can't be taken by Sacramento politicians

Measure LL ensures our schools maintain their excellence by investing to provide a high-quality education for all students. Join a unanimous Board, teachers, parents, students, and community: vote YES on LL. For factual information, visit

Fire Chief

Norwalk Parent

Teacher of the Year

Senior/Former Mayor

Board President

Arguments AGAINST


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